Authors:Alex Kozulin, Boris Gindis, Vladimir S. Ageyev, Su
Publisher: Cambridge University Pre
Keywords: social, cognitive, computational, perspectives, doing, learning, educational, theory, cultural, context, vygotsky
Number of Pages: 492
Published: 2003-09-15
List price: $37.99
ISBN-10: 0521528836
ISBN-13: 9780521528832

Innovative ideas in educational psychology, learning, and instruction, originally formulated by Russian psychologist and educator Lev Vygotsky, are currently enjoying unprecedented popularity in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Russia. An international team of scholarly contributors provides comprehensive coverage of all the main concepts of Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory. They emphasize its importance for the understanding of child development, and propose specific classroom applications.Book DescriptionThis book presents innovative ideas in the field of educational psychology, lea

Author: Zoltan Esik
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: proceedings, august, lecture, notes, science, computer, hungary, szeged, theory, computation, international, conference, fct, fundamentals
Number of Pages: 471
Published: 1993-09-10
List price: $89.95
ISBN-10: 3540571639
ISBN-13: 9783540571636

This volume contains the proceedings of the Ninth Conference on Fundamentalsof Computation Theory (FCT 93) held in Szeged, Hungary, in August 1993. The conference was devoted to a broad range of topics including: - Semanticsand logical concepts in the theory of computing and formal specification - Automata and formal languages - Computational geometry, algorithmic aspects of algebra and algebraic geometry, cryptography - Complexity (sequential, parallel, distributed computing, structure, lower bounds, complexity of analytical problems, general concepts) - Algorithms (efficient, probabilistic,

Authors:Stefan Trueck, Svetlozar T. Rachev,
Publisher: Academic Pre
Keywords: academic, matrices, press, advanced, finance, migration, application, modeling, based, credit, risk, theory, rating
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 2008-12-22
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 0123736838
ISBN-13: 9780123736833

In the last decade rating-based models have become very popular in credit risk management. These systems use the rating of a company as the decisive variable to evaluate the default risk of a bond or loan. The popularity is due to the straightforwardness of the approach, and to the upcoming new capital accord (Basel II), which allows banks to base their capital requirements on internal as well as external rating systems. Because of this, sophisticated credit risk models are being developed or demanded by banks to assess the risk of their credit portfolio better by recognizing the different und

Authors:Peter Aczel, David Israel, Stanley Peters, Yasuhir
Publisher: Center for the Study of Language and Inf
Keywords: language, information, lecture, notes, study, center, theory, applications, volume, situation
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 1993-09-01
List price: $27.50
ISBN-10: 1881526089
ISBN-13: 9781881526087

Situation theory is the result of an interdisciplinary effort to create a full-fledged theory of information. Created by scholars and scientists from cognitive science, computer science and AI, linguistics, logic, philosophy, and mathematics, it aims to provide a common set of tools for the analysis of phenomena from all these fields. Unlike Shannon-Weaver type theories of information, which are purely quantitative theories, situation theory aims at providing tools for the analysis of the specific content of a situation (signal, message, data base, statement, or other information-carrying situ

Authors:A.A. Kirillov, V. Soucek, Yu.A. Nereti,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: affine, virasoro, algebras, encyclopaedia, sciences, mathematical, representations, concepts, noncommutative, theory, harmonic, analysis, fundamental, representation
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 1994-12-06
List price: $139.00
ISBN-10: 3540186980
ISBN-13: 9783540186984

Part I of this book is a short review of the classical part of representation theory. The main chapters of representation theory are discussed: representations of finite and compact groups, finite- and infinite-dimensional representations of Lie groups. It is a typical feature of this survey that the structure of the theory is carefully exposed - the reader can easily see the essence of the theory without being overwhelmed by details. The final chapter is devoted to the method of orbits for different types of groups. Part II deals with representation of Virasoro and Kac-Moody algebra. The seco

Authors:Igal Sason, Shlomo Shamai,
Publisher: Now Publishers Inc
Keywords: trends, foundations, communications, information, theory, tutorial, decoding, linear, analysis, codes, maximum, likelihood, performance
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2006-06-20
List price: $125.00
ISBN-10: 1933019328
ISBN-13: 9781933019321

Performance Analysis of Linear Codes under Maximum-Likelihood Decoding: A Tutorial focuses on the performance evaluation of linear codes under optimal maximum-likelihood (ML) decoding. Though the ML decoding algorithm is prohibitively complex for most practical codes, their performance analysis under ML decoding allows to predict their performance without resorting to computer simulations. Performance Analysis of Linear Codes under Maximum-Likelihood Decoding: A Tutorial is a comprehensive introduction to this important topic for students, practitioners and researchers working in communication

Authors:Wilhelm Magnus, Abraham Karrass, Donald Solitar,
Publisher: Dover Publicatio
Keywords: relations, dover, books, mathematics, generators, terms, group, theory, presentations, groups, combinatorial
Number of Pages: 464
Published: 2004-11-12
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 0486438309
ISBN-13: 9780486438306

This seminal, much-cited account begins with a fairly elementary exposition of basic concepts and a discussion of factor groups and subgroups. The topics of Nielsen transformations, free and amalgamated products, and commutator calculus receive detailed treatment. The concluding chapter surveys word, conjugacy, and related problems; adjunction and embedding problems; and more. Second, revised 1976 edition.
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