Author: Carl T. Berkhout
Publisher: PIMS
Keywords: mediaevalia, subsidia, heresies, medieval
Number of Pages: 201
Published: 1981-01-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0888443609
ISBN-13: 9780888443601

Author: Andrew Hughe
Publisher: PIMS
Keywords: subsidia, mediaevalia, texts, offices, liturgical, medieval
Number of Pages: 229
Published: 1994-01-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0888443722
ISBN-13: 9780888443724

Author: Friedrich V. Reiterer
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Keywords: pertinentes, bibliam, fosub, band, german, subsidia, fontes, zum, buch, ben, sira, zahlsynopse
Number of Pages: 247
Published: 2003-03
List price: $99.00
ISBN-10: 3110175207
ISBN-13: 9783110175202

Because of different versions in Hebrew and Greek manuscripts pertaining to Ben Sira, the text editions in common use partly conform to the Greek text, but some of them restore the original organization or use a new enumeration. The intention behind this synoptic enumeration is to dispel the confusion caused by differing enumerations. The synopsis is based on a reconceptualzed multilingual text edition (Hebrew, Syriad, Greek and Latin) with continuous numbering that essentially adopts and complements the Greek text in accordance with Ziegler’s classic edition. This book integrates Greek

Author: Peter S. Williamso
Publisher: Loyola Pr
Keywords: bible, interpretation, church, subsidia, biblica, commission, biblical, interpreting, principles, scripture, study, pontifical, catholic
Number of Pages: 422
Published: 2002-12-01
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 8876536175
ISBN-13: 9788876536175

Author: Dirk Schwiderski
Publisher: Gruyter
Keywords: inscriptions, imperial, aramaic, und, bibliam, pertinentes, texte, band, subsidia, fontes, old, reichsaramischen, alt, inschriften
Number of Pages: 471
Published: 2004-01-26
List price: $139.95
ISBN-10: 3110174545
ISBN-13: 9783110174540
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