Author: Editors of CPi
Publisher: Creative Publishing international
Keywords: los, descubra, servicio, principal, mas, amp, spanish, guide, complete, decker, panel, actualice, electricas, instalaciones, sobre, completa, edicion, conforme, nec, normas, las, guia
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2009-03-20
List price: $24.99
ISBN-10: 1589234855
ISBN-13: 9781589234857

El libro sobre instalaciones elctricas # 1 en superventas en su versin original en Ingls (The Complete Guide to Wiring), est ahora disponible en su primera edicin en el idioma Espaol. Al igual que la 4a versin actualizada en Ingls, la primera versin en Espaol de Black & Decker La gua completa sobre instalaciones elctricas, cumple con los ms recientes cdigos establecidos por el National Electric Code 20082011 (NEC / Cdigo de Electricidad Nacional). Aqu encontrar informacin fresca, clara y precisa para convertirse en un buen electricista. Est pensando en adicionar un ju

Authors:Douglas Robert Brown, Shri Henkel,
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company (FL)
Keywords: prisons, military, homes, schools, churches, rom, companion, nursing, hospitals, service, food, commercial, manager, handbook, guide, complete, non
Number of Pages: 624
Published: 2007-02-15
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 0910627819
ISBN-13: 9780910627818

Finally, the non-commercial food service director has a comprehensive manual to aid them in their day-to-day operations. This massive 600-page new book will show you step by step how to set up, operate, and manage a financially successful food service operation. The author has left no stone unturned. The book s 19 chapters cover the entire process from startup to ongoing management in an easy-to-understand way, pointing out methods to increase your chances of success, and showing how to avoid many common mistakes. The new companion CD-ROM contains all the forms in the book in PDF format. While

Author: Shayk Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
Publisher: Fons Vitae
Keywords: fons, heart, realities, vitae, living, series, masters, spiritual, six, discipleship, guide, realization, science, seventeen, ruinous, steps, traits, sufi
Number of Pages: 252
Published: 2006-04-01
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 193040929X
ISBN-13: 9781930409293

This 10-step program describes the science of eliminating the 17 ruinous characteristics of the tyrannical egoas set forth by Sufi master Abu ’l-Hasan al-Kharqaniin order to achieve purification of the soul and unveils the six powers that lie dormant within every human heart. The path from submersion in the negative traits to the unveiling of these six powers is known as the Migration to Perfected Knowledge on the way to complete realization. In America, where false Sufi masters are increasingly prevalent, it is important that the writings and practices of authentic Shaykhswith lineag

Author: Dr. Shawn Chaudary
Publisher: CreateSpace
Keywords: autism, adhd, pain, dyslexia, neuropathy, legs, restless, insomnia, low, neck, work, didn, medicines, guide, understanding, chronic, treating, secret
Number of Pages: 140
Published: 2010-10-01
List price: $29.99
ISBN-10: 1453637591
ISBN-13: 9781453637593


Author: Robert Dobbie
Publisher: Webster’s Digital Services
Keywords: ultimatum, bourne, greengrass, paul, frank, spider, snyder, zack, man, featuring, awards, fantasy, horror, guide, science, fiction, saturn, annual, 34th, armchair
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 2010-12-14
List price: $20.75
ISBN-10: 1240169876
ISBN-13: 9781240169870

The Saturn Awards is an annual award show presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films honoring the top works in science fiction, fantasy, and horror film, television, and home video and the talented individuals behind their creation. This Armchair Guide chronicles the nominees and winner of Best Director in 2007. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. Project Webster represents a new publishing paradigm, allowing disparate content sources to be curated into cohesive, relevant, and informative boo

Author: Sean Covey
Publisher: Grijalbo Mondadori Sa
Keywords: exito, para, practica, juvenil, guide, spanish, success, juvenile, guia, mejor, altamente, adolecentes, los, efectivos, habits, teens, effective, highly, habitos
Number of Pages: 268
Published: 2005-06-30
List price: $27.95
ISBN-10: 9700511588
ISBN-13: 9789700511580

Authors:Alan Greenwood, Gil Hembree,
Publisher: Vintage Guitar Books
Keywords: effects, basses, amps, lapsteels, steels, mandolins, ukuleles, guitars, acoustic, guitar, vintage, magazine, price, electric, guide, official
Number of Pages: 368
Published: 2003-10-01
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 1884883141
ISBN-13: 9781884883149

Industry experts have long considered The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide to be the most accurate, authoritative and detailed publication to tackle the seemingly indomitable task of placing values on thousands of vintage and recent-model guitars, amps, basses, effects pedals, mandolins, lapsteels and other fretted instruments. And the VG Price Guide is the only one to do it all in one book! Now in its 13th year, the new Guide offers more than ever. Authors Alan Greenwood and Gil Hembree have made their ultimate guide to values even more valuable, with more details on familiar favorites and
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