Author: John V. Bezy And Arthur S. TrevenaArthur S. Treve
Publisher: Arizona Geological Survey
Keywords: earth, series, volume, field, volcanic, geology, mountains, springerville, guide
Number of Pages: 56
Published: 2003
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1892001209
ISBN-13: 9781892001207

Describes the general geologic features of the White Mountains and Springerville Volcanic Field in full color. Emphasis on geologic features common to the area with precise directions to each feature.

Author: Dana Rasmussen
Publisher: Webster’s Digital Services
Keywords: films, war, one, eagle, world, center, hunt, trade, terror, guide, lover, vol, featuring, movie, syriana
Number of Pages: 150
Published: 2011-02-15
List price: $21.75
ISBN-10: 1241062730
ISBN-13: 9781241062736

War films bring to life some of the most epic battles of all time. They provide an inside look at some of the most storied wars in history. In this series, read about the world’s best war films to ever be released. It’s a must-have for movie buffs, history lovers, and anyone looking for a detailed account of war films. In this edition read about the most notable films involving current War on Terror like "Syriana," "The Kingdom," "The Hunt f

Authors:Richard Conway, Julian Cordingley,
Publisher: Charles River Media
Keywords: security, charles, river, media, networking, network, hacking, developer, guide, code
Number of Pages: 386
Published: 2004-05
List price: $54.95
ISBN-10: 1584503149
ISBN-13: 9781584503149

Developer’s Guide to Network Security provides a hands-on approach to learning the vital security skills. It details the software and techniques hackers use and provides practical insights on what’s really important in understanding hacking issues. The book cuts through the cursory issues and quickly delves into the essentials at a code and implementation level. It teaches users how to write and use scanners, sniffers, exploits, and more. It also helps developers write network security test harnesses for application and infrastructure. In addition, it covers how to create passive d

Author: John J Harding
Publisher: Temple University Press
Keywords: delaware, southern, central, new, jersey, northcentral, pennsylvania, birdwatching, region, valley, comprehensive, guide, birding, southeastern
Number of Pages: 223
Published: 1980
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0877221790
ISBN-13: 9780877221791

For the thousands of local birdwatchers and the many hundreds of visitors, this glove compartment-sized book places all the excitement and opportunity of the Delaware Valley’s 335 species of birds within convenient reach. Huge in coverage yet compact in size, "Birding the Delaware Valley Region" is the first comprehensive bird-finding guide available for the region. With detailed directions like "behind the airport," "follow the shabby road off to the left," and "lock the car and walk the railroad tracks," this exuberant handbook tells the birder exactly how to get to the best locations

Author: Jozef Rogala
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: japan, subject, titles, index, library, over, annotated, guide, books, english, collector, list
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2000-11-17
List price: $230.00
ISBN-10: 1873410905
ISBN-13: 9781873410905

Provides an invaluable and very accessible addition to existing biographic sources and references, not least because of the supporting biographies of major writers and the historical and cultural notes provided.

Authors:Joyce LeFever Kee MS RN, Patricia Neafsey RD PhD,
Publisher: Saunders
Keywords: pharmacology, package, nursing, process, approach, textbook, code, online, user, guide, access
Number of Pages: 1024
Published: 2008-11-07
List price: $116.00
ISBN-10: 1416053042
ISBN-13: 9781416053040

This convenient, money-saving package is a must-have for nursing students! It includes Kee’s Pharmacology 6th edition text and Pharmacology Online.

Authors:Mark D. Miller, Charles F. Reynolds III MD, Barry D.
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Keywords: depression, treating, preventing, later, recognizing, life, guide, longer, free, family, living
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2002-09-23
List price: $20.95
ISBN-10: 0801869439
ISBN-13: 9780801869433

Depression affects people of all ages, but is both more common and more serious for those over sixty. As many as half of all nursing home residents have depression, as do up to 40 percent of those who visit primary care clinics. Late-life depression is a disease with unique risk factors. Health problems, physical limitations, the loss of loved ones, and fears about financial issues all contribute to an increased incidence of depression, which, despite its prevalence, is not a normal part of the aging process. It can intensify existing medical conditions such as chronic pain and is far more lik
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