Author: John Schaeffer
Publisher: New Society Publisher
Keywords: living, energy, renewable, technologies, sustainable, guide, complete, goods, solar, sourcebook, real
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2005-04-01
List price: $35.00
ISBN-10: 091657105X
ISBN-13: 9780916571054

Do you want to harvest sunlight, wind or falling water to power your home? Or sell that renewable energy back to your utility company? Are you looking to build your dream eco-home? Or to convert to biodiesel and minimize your fossil fuel use? This fully updated classic of sustainable living technology tells how and gives you access to the world’s most extensive selection of hardware to make it all happen. The Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook-12th Edition is the ultimate resource on renewable energy, sustainable living, alternative construction, green building, homesteading, off-the-gri

Authors:Heather Amery,  Lisa Watts, Stephen Cartwright
Publisher: Usborne Book
Keywords: hebrew, easy, guide, pronunciation, words, first, thousand, usborne
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 2004-05-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0794500293
ISBN-13: 9780794500290

Authors:Duncan Mills, Peter Koletzke, Avrom Roy-Faderma,
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
Keywords: oracle, development, osborne, press, series, web, fusion, jdeveloper, 11g, handbook, guide
Number of Pages: 912
Published: 2009-10-02
List price: $64.99
ISBN-10: 0071602380
ISBN-13: 9780071602389

Written by the most knowledgeable Oracle JDeveloper author team in the worldThis Oracle Press guide shows how to build Web applications using the Fusion Middleware development tool, Oracle JDeveloper. The book discusses the latest technologies and explains how to develop code using multiple techniques.Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook: A Guide to Fusion Web Development covers the Oracle Application Development Framework and JavaServer Faces. Hands-on practice examples walk you through the creation of a complete sample application that employs highly-interactive user interface components and decla

Authors:Ivan March, Edward Greenfield, Robert Layton,  
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
Keywords: classical, recordings, dvd, sacd, key, music, guide, recorded, penguin
Number of Pages: 1602
Published: 2009-11-24
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 0141041625
ISBN-13: 9780141041629

"Indispensible, illuminating, and comprehensive." --The Times (London) This has remained the best and most successful guide to classical music for more than forty years. Fully revised by its team of eminent authors and written with wit and passion, The Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music offers reviews of all the latest releases as well as the finest established recordings.

Authors:Pat Coleman, Stephen L. Nelso,
Publisher: Redmond Technology Pre
Keywords: internet, business, required, power, tool, skills, core, executive, guide, seven, effective
Number of Pages: 261
Published: 2001-01-15
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0967298172
ISBN-13: 9780967298177

Written specifically for busy executives, managers, and other professionals, Effective Executive’s Guide to the Internet provides a fast-paced, executive summary of the seven core skills you need to know to use the Internet at work, on the road, or at home: Skill 1: Understanding the Environment. This skill gives you an overview of the Internet: what it is, how it works, and how it came to be. Skill 2: Making Internet Connections. This skill provides step-by-step instructions for connecting your computer or network to the Internet. Skill 3: Browsing the Web. This skill focuses on the Int

Authors:Mehmet C. Oz, Michael F. Roize,
Publisher: William Morrow
Keywords: guide, healthier, younger, insider, expanded, manual, updated, owner
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2008-05-01
List price: $26.95
ISBN-10: 0061473677
ISBN-13: 9780061473678

Between your full-length mirror and high-school biology class, you probably think you know a lot about the human body. While it’s true that we live in an age when we’re as obsessed with our bodies as we are with celebrity hairstyles, the reality is that most of us know very little about what chugs, churns, and thumps throughout this miraculous, scientific, and artistic system of anatomy. Yes, you’ve owned your skin-covered shell for decades, but you probably know more about your cell-phone plan than you do about your own body. When it comes to your longevity and quality of l

Authors:Brian P. Lancaster, Glenn M. Schultz, Frank J. Fab
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: investors, frank, fabozzi, series, guide, comprehensive, products, related, credit, derivatives, structured
Number of Pages: 524
Published: 2008-04-25
List price: $95.00
ISBN-10: 0470129859
ISBN-13: 9780470129852

Filled with the insights of numerous experienced contributors, Structured Products and Related Credit Derivatives takes a detailed look at the various aspects of structured assets and credit derivatives. Written over a period spanning the greatest bull market in structured products history to arguably its most challenging period, this reliable resource will help you identify the opportunities and mitigate the risks in this complex financial market.
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