Authors:Kay Hailbronner, David A. Martin, Hiroshi Motomura
Publisher: Berghahn Book
Keywords: united, states, policies, germany, refugees, politics, vol, migration, admissions, immigration, search, workable
Number of Pages: 284
Published: 1997-12-01
List price: $49.95
ISBN-10: 1571811265
ISBN-13: 9781571811264

There is general agreement today that traditional approaches to immigration admissions in the major receiving countries of the West have serious shortcomings either in concept or implementation, or at times in both. These essays, all written by leading immigration experts, consider the philosophical and moral constraints on immigration law and policy, the basic elements of a comprehensive migration policy, and specific policy areas, including family reunification and asylum. Taken together, these perspectives represent a fresh, comparative look at some of the most urgent issues in this pivotal

Author: Micheli
Publisher: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
Keywords: germany, guide, michelin, english
Number of Pages: 576
Published: 2009-01-01
List price: $21.99
ISBN-10: 1906261385
ISBN-13: 9781906261382

Experience the vibrancy, far-reaching history and greenery of the capital, Berlin. Sip beer in Munich?s Hofbruhaus, visit the enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle, or ski in Garmisch-Partenkichen. Germany?s got it all, and Michelin?s Green Guide Germany tells you exactly how to make the most of this richly cultural land. Choose what to do, where to eat, and where to stay, using our local writers? unbiased reviews. Michelin Green Guide Germany?s multitude of color maps and carefully selected travel itineraries provide explorative driving and walking tours across the country. Color photographs, a br

Author: Lee Goldberg
Publisher: Signet
Keywords: germany, monk
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2008-12-02
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 0451225635
ISBN-13: 9780451225634

Adrian Monk is on a roll?solving murders as fast as they come, and not counting his Wheat Chex until they?re in the bowl. But when his therapist, Dr. Kroger, leaves for Germany, Monk can?t tie his shoes, forgets how to swallow, and loses track of his blinking. Desperate, he follows Dr. Kroger to Germany where he sees a man with six fingers. The man responsible for his wife?s death?or was it just his imagination? Now Monk has to deal with his phobias and the unfriendly polizei to find his man.

Author: Greg Nee
Publisher: Intercultural Pre
Keywords: enigma, unraveling, germany
Number of Pages: 217
Published: 2000-01-01
List price: $27.50
ISBN-10: 1877864757
ISBN-13: 9781877864759

The Germans are an enigma not only to the rest of the world but also to themselves. As it turns out, Germans spend great amounts of time discussing their puzzling heritage and culture; in fact, discussing almost anything is one of their favourite pastimes. Greg Nees offers an insider’s perspective on what it means to be German. He starts with a review of modern German history, and then turns his attention to the major German cultural themes: order, insider/outsider perception, clarity of thought and expression, private versus public spheres, friendship, rationality and the sense of duty

Author: Rosanne Knorr
Publisher: Longstreet Pre
Keywords: germany, lived
Number of Pages: 34
Published: 1995-09-25
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 1563522357
ISBN-13: 9781563522352

German customs and words are quite easy, you’ll see. Just visit Deutschland and pretend to be me! Words and phrases in german with english translations.

Author: Jeffrey M. Peck
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Keywords: germany, new, jewish
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2005-12-22
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0813537231
ISBN-13: 9780813537238

Germany today boasts the fastest growing population of Jews in Europe. The streets of Berlin abound with signs of a revival of Jewish culture, ranging from bagel shops to the sight of worshipers leaving synagogue on Saturday. With the new energy infused by Jewish immigration from Russia and changes in immigration and naturalization laws in general, Jeffrey Peck argues that we must now begin considering how Jews live in Germany rather than merely asking why they would choose to do so. In Being Jewish in the New Germany, Peck explores the diversity of contemporary Jewish life an

Publisher: Cornell University Press
Keywords: europe, germany, power, tamed
Number of Pages: 314
Published: 1997-11
List price: $26.95
ISBN-10: 0801484499
ISBN-13: 9780801484490

Revolutionary changes in global and European politics have reawakened old fears that Europe will be dominated by an unpredictable German giant. The same changes have fueled new hopes for Germany and Europe as models of political pluralism in a peaceful and prosperous world. In fact, Peter J. Katzenstein explains, the current reality is too complex to fit either expectation. Katzenstein contends that a multilateral institutionalization of power is the most distinctive aspect of the relationship between Europe and Germany. Only the observer who is aware of this important fact can understand wh
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