Author: Rona M. MacKie
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: health, guide, positive, dermatitis, amp, eczema
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2004-12-11
List price: $10.00
ISBN-10: 0906348412
ISBN-13: 9780906348413

Authors:Edward M. Jackson, Ronald Goldner,
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: clinical, dermatology, basic, dermatitis, contact, irritant
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 1989-10-23
List price: $199.95
ISBN-10: 0824782887
ISBN-13: 9780824782887

Authors:Pieter Van Der Valk, Pieter Van Der Valk, Tove Agner
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: amp, basic, science, clinical, dermatology, contact, dermatitis, syndrome, irritant
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 1995-12-13
List price: $199.95
ISBN-10: 0849373549
ISBN-13: 9780849373541

This book covers a broad range of topics on irritant contact dermatitis, skin irritation, and skin irritants. Many different irritants cause different reactions in different skin types. This is the first book to present a variety of discussions on these skin reactions together in one volume. They include:Epidemiological dataClinical aspects including special syndromesMechanisms and histopathologyPredisposing factors related to sensitivity and the environment with the focus on irritants and irritant factors.

Authors:Robert L. Rietschel, Joseph F. Fowler,
Publisher: Pmph Usa
Keywords: fisher, contact, dermititis, dermatitis, rietschel
Number of Pages: 862
Published: 2007-04-02
List price: $179.00
ISBN-10: 1550093789
ISBN-13: 9781550093780

Since its introduction in 1967, Alexander A. Fisher’s Contact Dermatitis has been the one essential text for American dermatologists who see patients with contact dermatitis. The sixth edition, written for the third time by Robert L. Rietschel and Joseph F. Fowler, it still is. An encyclopedic reference that discusses all aspects of contact dermatitis, the updated edition will feature a full color atlas section as well as color images for the first time. The 6th edition provides updates on the following sections: -statistics and sources of rubber allergy -allergy to plastic chemicals, es
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