Authors:Donald W. Mitchell, James Wisema,
Publisher: Continuum
Keywords: buddhist, christian, monastics, life, spiritual, encounter, dialogue, gethsemani
Number of Pages: 330
Published: 1999-04-01
List price: $60.00
ISBN-10: 0826411657
ISBN-13: 9780826411655

Boudica, or Boadicea, queen of the Iceni, led a famous revolt against Roman rule in Britain in AD 60, sacking London, Colchester and St Albans and throwing the province into chaos. Although then defeated by the governor, Suetonius Paulinus, her rebellion sent a shock wave across the empire. Who was this woman who defied Rome? Boudica: Iron Age Warrior Queen is an account of what we know about the real woman, from classical literature, written for the consumption of readers in Rome, and from the archaeological evidence. It also traces her extraordinary posthumous career as the earliest famous w

Authors:Gregor Novak, Andrew Gavrin, Wolfgang Christian, E
Publisher: Benjamin Cumming
Keywords: web, technology, learning, active, teaching, blending, time
Number of Pages: 188
Published: 1999-03-11
List price: $43.00
ISBN-10: 0130850349
ISBN-13: 9780130850348

Just-in-Time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology is a resource book that fully discusses an exciting new teaching and learning methodology designed to engage students by using feedback from pre-class web assignments to adjust classroom lessons so that students receive rapid response to the specific questions and problems they are having instead of more generic lectures that may or may not address what students actually need help with. Many teachers have found that this process also encourages students to take more control of the learning process and become active, and intere

Author: Albertus Frederik Johannes Klij
Publisher: Brill
Keywords: supplements, novum, testamentum, sects, christian, evidence, jewish, patristic
Number of Pages: 313
Published: 1973-06-05
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 9004037632
ISBN-13: 9789004037632

Author: Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Publisher: Zonderva
Keywords: knowledge, landmarks, christian, scholarship, literary, morality, text, bible, reader, meaning
Number of Pages: 512
Published: 2009-09-01
List price: $29.99
ISBN-10: 0310324696
ISBN-13: 9780310324690

Written by a brilliant young author, this book develops an evangelical theological hermeneutic that sees meaning in the text of Scripture.

Authors:Ronen Palan, Richard Murphy, Christian Chavagneux,
Publisher: Cornell Univ Pr
Keywords: cornell, studies, money, works, really, havens, globalization, tax
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 2010-01-14
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0801476127
ISBN-13: 9780801476129

From the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man to the Principality of Liechtenstein and the state of Delaware, tax havens offer lower tax rates, less stringent regulations and enforcement, and promises of strict secrecy to individuals and corporations alike. In recent years government regulators, hoping to remedy economic crisis by diverting capital from hidden channels back into taxable view, have undertaken sustained and serious efforts to force tax havens into compliance. In Tax Havens, Ronen Palan, Richard Murphy, and Christian Chavagneux provide an up-to-date evaluation of the role and funct

Authors:Christian Eggers, Jrg M. Fegert, Franz Resch,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: und, jugendalters, german, kindes, des, psychotherapie, psychiatrie
Number of Pages: 1001
Published: 2004-05-03
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3540429166
ISBN-13: 9783540429166

Viele Experten -- ein Buch! Warum hat Anna so viel Angst vor der Schule? Sind Ayshe und Paolo in ihrer neuen Umgebung glcklich? Wieso versteckt Sebastian Schnapsflaschen in seinem Schrank? Psychische Strungen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen nehmen zu. Gesellschaft und Familie sind berfordert, professionelle Hilfe ist ntig. Jede Berufsgruppe, die mit Kindern und Jugendlichen in seelischer Not in Berhrung kommt, muss ber Grundlagen und Strungen Bescheid wissen. Nur so kann den jungen Patienten geholfen werden.Hier finden Sie: Die Grundlagen -- wesentliche Informationen zu Entwicklung, Pri

Authors:Christian Reimer, Jochen Eckert, Martin Hautzinger
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: und, psychologen, german, rzte, fr, ein, lehrbuch, psychotherapie
Number of Pages: 832
Published: 2007-08-01
List price: $109.00
ISBN-10: 3540299874
ISBN-13: 9783540299875

Die dritte Auflage der "Psychotherapie" mit neuem Konzept. Nach wie vor ist die "Psychotherapie" vor allem ein Lehrbuch für ?rzte und Psychologen, das sich ausführlich mit allen relevanten Psychotherapieverfahren beschäftigt. In der vorliegenden Neubearbeitung gehen wir noch einen Schritt weiter - nicht nur die Verfahren stehen im Mittelpunkt, auch die jeweilige Behandlung einzelner Krankheitsbilder nimmt nun mehr Raum ein. Wann genau setzt man welches Verfahren ein? Und was muss bei den einzelnen Störungen beachtet werden? Dennoch ist die "Psychotherapie" ein "Therapiebuch" ?? konzipier
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