Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature
Keywords: society, settings, biblical, literature, symposium, christian, jewish, didache, james, three, related, documents, matthew
Number of Pages: 488
Published: 2008-10-15
List price: $54.95
ISBN-10: 1589833589
ISBN-13: 9781589833586

Sharing many traditions and characteristics, the Gospel of Matthew, the letter of James, and the Didache invite comparative study. In this volume, internationally renowned scholars consider the three writings and the complex interrelationship between first-century Judaism and nascent Christianity. These texts likely reflect different aspects and emphases of a network of connected communities sharing basic theological assumptions and expressions.Of particular importance for the reconstruction of the religious and social milieu of these communities are issues such as the role of Jewish law, the

Authors:Christian Smith, Melina Lundquist Denton,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: american, teenagers, lives, spiritual, searching, religious, soul
Number of Pages: 368
Published: 2005-02-24
List price: $35.00
ISBN-10: 019518095X
ISBN-13: 9780195180954

In most discussions and analyses of American teenage life, one major topic is curiously overlooked--religion. Yet most American teens say that religious faith is important in their lives. What is going on in the religious and spiritual lives of American teenagers? What do they actually believe? What religious practices do they engage in? Do they expect to remain loyal to the faith of their parents? Or are they abandoning traditional religious institutions in search of a new, more "authentic" spirituality? Answering these and many other questions, Soul Searching tells the definitive story of th

Author: Allyne Smith
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing
Keywords: amp, explained, skylight, illuminations, annotated, selections, eastern, christian, spiritual, texts, philokalia
Number of Pages: 221
Published: 2006-07-31
List price: $16.99
ISBN-10: 1594731039
ISBN-13: 9781594731037

The Eastern Christian "Love of the Beautiful" can be a companion on your own spiritual journey A collection of writings by monks from the fourth to fifteenth centuries, the Philokalia more than any other text reflects the Eastern Church’s interpretation of the Bible’s meaning. Simply translated, the title means "love of the beautiful," which reflects the text’s emphasis on mystical and contemplative practices to engage all of our senses in the acts of worship and prayer. This introduction to the wisdom of the Philokalia illuminates a text that until now has

Authors:Nathan Brackett, Christian Hoard,
Publisher: Fireside
Keywords: completely, revised, updated, guide, album, rolling, stone, new
Number of Pages: 944
Published: 2004-11-02
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 0743201698
ISBN-13: 9780743201698

It is often difficult to assess the many new emerging music genres without some guidance from a well-respected voice to help differentiate the good from the mediocre, the classic from the fleeting. THE NEW ROLLING STONE ALBUM GUIDE provides readers with such direction, categorising the new sounds with insightful analyses and critical judgement. The new guide celebrates rock’s diversity and it’s constant metamorphoses. Continuing the useful one-to-five-star ratings of THE ROLLING STONE ALBUM GUIDE, published in 1992, the new volume gets a fresh makeover with the addition of new arti

Author: Kristina LaCelle-Peterson
Publisher: Baker Academic
Keywords: christian, perspective, renewedminds, vocation, identity, tradition, women, liberating
Number of Pages: 253
Published: 2008-04-01
List price: $24.00
ISBN-10: 0801031796
ISBN-13: 9780801031793

Kristina LaCelle-Peterson seeks both to affirm the central place of Scripture in the Christian life and to highlight the liberating nature of the gospel for both men and women. To do this the author considers the biblical ideal for human beings and then proceeds to offer a biblical foundation for each of the topics under discussion--identity, body image, personal relationships, marriage, church life, and language for God. Along the way she examines the cultural nature of gender roles and the ways in which they have become entangled with ecclesial expectations. This book will help women better

Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Publisher: HarperOne
Keywords: tradition, sacred, feminine, plus, christian, journey, dissident, daughter, woman, dance
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2007-01-01
List price: $13.95
ISBN-10: 0061144908
ISBN-13: 9780061144905

"I was amazed to find that I had no idea how to unfold my spiritual life in a feminine way. I was surprised, and, in fact, a little terrified, when I found myself in the middle of a feminist spiritual reawakening." Sue Monk Kidd For years, Sue Monk Kidd was a conventionally religious woman. Then, in the late 1980s, Kidd experienced an unexpected awakening, and began a journey toward a feminine spirituality. With the exceptional storytelling skills that have helped make her name, author of When the Heart Waits tells her very personal story of the fear, anger, healing, and freedom she experien

Author: H. Betz
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
Keywords: hellenisticum, novi, testamenti, corpus, studia, theological, christian, literature, plutarch
Number of Pages: 369
Published: 1975-12-01
List price: $210.00
ISBN-10: 9004039856
ISBN-13: 9789004039858
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