Authors:Arthur Hyman,  James J. Walsh,
Publisher: Hackett Pub Co
Keywords: jewish, traditions, islamic, christian, middle, ages, philosophy
Number of Pages: 805
Published: 1983-08-01
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 0915145804
ISBN-13: 9780915145805

Contents: Early Mediaeval Christian Philosophy. Augustine, Boethius, John Scotus Eriugena, Anselm of Canterbury, Peter Abailard and John of Salisbury. Islamic Philosophy. Alfarabi, Avicenna, Algazali, Averroes. Jewish Philosophy. Saddia, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Moses Maimonides, Levi Ben Gerson (Gersonides), Hasdai Crescas. Latin Philosophy in the Thirteenth Century. Bonaventure, Robert Grosseteste and Roger Bacon, Siger of Brabant, Thomas Aquinas, the Condemnation of 1277. Latin Philosophy in the Fourteenth Century. John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, Nicholas of Autrecourt, Marsilius of Padua,

Authors:Christian Staudter, Jens-Peter Mollenhauer, Ranata
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: innovations, successfully, implementing, leantoolset, six, sigma, design
Number of Pages: 363
Published: 2008-12-16
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 3540895132
ISBN-13: 9783540895138

The Toolset is a comprehensive collection of the relevant Design for Six Sigma+Lean tools, which are necessary for successfully implementing innovations. All tools are presented in a clear structure, providing a good overview of the methodology. The chronology of the listed tools corresponds to the procedure in a Design for Six Sigma+Lean development project with the stages Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify. Due to this unique structure by which tools can be found and applied quickly we created a book that facilitates project work in practical use enormously.

Authors:Elsa Nielsen, Grete Ostergaard, John Christian Lar
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: practical, guide, chemicals, assessment, risk, toxicological
Number of Pages: 448
Published: 2008-02-21
List price: $149.95
ISBN-10: 0849372658
ISBN-13: 9780849372650

Unlike many existing books on toxicology that cover either toxicity of a particular substance or toxicity of chemicals on particular organ systems, Toxicological Risk Assessment of Chemicals: A Practical Guide lays out the principle activities of conducting a toxicological risk assessment, including international approaches and methods for the risk assessment of chemical substances. It illustrates each step in the process: hazard identification, a dose response assessment, and exposure assessment. The book also summarizes the basic concepts of interaction of chemicals in mixtures and discusses

Author: Christian Robert
Publisher: Springer Verlag, New York
Keywords: implementation, springer, texts, statistics, computational, foundations, choice, decision, theoretic, bayesian
Number of Pages: 577
Published: 2007-06-01
List price: $54.95
ISBN-10: 0387715983
ISBN-13: 9780387715988

WINNER OF THE 2003 DEGROOT PRIZE! The DeGroot Prize is awarded every two years by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis in recognition of an important, timely, thorough and notably original contribution to the statistics literature.This graduate-level textbook presents an introduction to Bayesian statistics and decision theory. Its scope covers both the basic ideas of statistical theory, and also some of the more modern and advanced topics of Bayesian statistics such as complete class theorems, the Stein effect, Bayesian model choice, hierarchical and empirical Bayes modeling, Monte

Author: E. R. Dodd
Publisher: Cambridge University Pre
Keywords: constantine, aurelius, wiles, lectures, given, marcus, experience, christian, anxiety, aspects, religious, pagan
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 1991-02-22
List price: $36.99
ISBN-10: 0521385997
ISBN-13: 9780521385992

Drawing on the abundant material available for the study of religious experience in late antiquity, Professor Dodds examines the personal religious attitudes and experiences common to pagans and Christians in the period between Marcus Aurelius and Constantine. World-hatred and asceticism, dreams and states of possession, and pagan and Christian mysticism are all discussed. Finally, Dodds considers both pagan views of Christianity and Christian views of paganism as they emerge in the literature of the time. Although primarily written for social and religious historians, this study will also app

Authors:Christian Rtsch, Claudia Mller-Ebeling,
Publisher: Inner Traditio
Keywords: origins, yuletide, rituals, spirits, christmas, plants, pagan
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2006-10-24
List price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 1594770921
ISBN-13: 9781594770920

An examination of the sacred botany and the pagan origins and rituals of Christmas ? Analyzes the symbolism of the many plants associated with Christmas ? Reveals the shamanic rituals that are at the heart of the Christmas celebration The day on which many commemorate the birth of Christ has its origins in pagan rituals that center on tree worship, agriculture, magic, and social exchange. But Christmas is no ordinary folk observance. It is an evolving feast that over the centuries has absorbed elements from cultures all over the world--practices that give plants and plant spirits pride of

Author: Vicente L.Rafael
Publisher: Duke University Pre
Keywords: society, spanish, rule, tagalog, conversion, colonialism, translation, christian, contracting
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 1993-01-01
List price: $22.95
ISBN-10: 0822313413
ISBN-13: 9780822313410

In an innovative mix of history, anthropology, and post-colonial theory, Vicente L. Rafael examines the role of language in the religious conversion of the Tagalogs to Catholicism and their subsequent colonization during the early period (1580–1705) of Spanish rule in the Philippines. By tracing this history of communication between Spaniards and Tagalogs, Rafael maps the conditions that made possible both the emergence of a colonial regime and resistance to it. Originally published in 1988, this new paperback edition contains an updated preface that places the book in theoretical relati
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