Technology Acceptance in Mechatronics

Author: Ute Hillmer
Publisher: Gabler
Keywords: mechatronics, acceptance, technology
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2009-10-01
List price: $74.45
ISBN-10: 3834919519
ISBN-13: 9783834919519

Book Description:

Innovation and technological change is a vital driving force in the economy. Ute Hillmer investigates technology acceptance behavior in the mechatronics industry in Germany and develops a multi-disciplinary understanding, which includes psychology, sociology and business science. It is shown that individuals accept new technologies more easily, if the technology replicates their individual social values and if the implementation process considers the prime social values that can typically be found in their social networks. This book offers categorizations of individuals and deduces recommendations for actions to sustainably improve the development and introduction of technologies for all parties concerned.