Introduction to Psychology

Author: James W. Kalat
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Keywords: psychology, introduction
Number of Pages: 768
Published: 2007-04-12
List price: $150.95
ISBN-10: 0495102881
ISBN-13: 9780495102885

Book Description:

James Kalat’s best-selling INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY does far more than cover major theories and studies; it encourages you to question the information and ask yourself, "How was this conclusion reached?" and "Does the evidence really support it?" In this student-praised text, Kalat challenges your preconceptions about psychology to help you become a more informed consumer of information not only during your college experience but, also as you venture into your post-college life. With his humorous writing style and hands-on "Try It Yourself" exercises, Kalat puts you at ease and gets you involved with what you are studying so that you can succeed in your course.