Private Capital Markets: Valuation, Capitalization, and Transfer of Private Business Interests (Wiley Finance)

Author: Robert T. Slee
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: private, interests, wiley, finance, business, capitalization, capital, markets, valuation, transfer
Number of Pages: 478
Published: 2004-05-04
List price: $130.00
ISBN-10: 0471656224
ISBN-13: 9780471656227

Book Description:

A theoretical and practical guide that enables readers to make sound investment and financing decisions
This book is a technical finance book that surveys the private capital markets—the major uncharted financial market. Representing nearly half of the U.S. gross national product, these markets are largely ignored, partially because of the difficulty obtaining information and because of the lack of a unified structure to approach them. This book provides a structured framework that owner-managers and their professional advisors can use to effectively deal with the complicated issues of valuation and capital structure and transfer issues.

Robert T. Slee, CBA, CPIM (Charlotte, NC), is President of Robertson Foley, an investment banking firm providing corporate finance service to private companies.