Essential AP World History (flashcards) (College Test Preparation)

Author: Princeton Review
Publisher: Princeton Review
Keywords: test, preparation, college, flashcards, world, history, essential
Number of Pages: 450
Published: 2010-12-28
List price: $18.99
ISBN-10: 037542802X
ISBN-13: 9780375428029

Book Description:

Portable and easy to use, the Princeton Review’s Essential AP World History flashcards bring you important terms and helpful explanations to help turbo-charge your AP test prep. With information naturally broken into bite-sized chunks, our flashcards make it easy to study anytime and anywhere.

Essential AP World History includes 450 flashcards with need-to-know terms for key AP World History subject areas, covering topics such as:
·  classical civilizations in Mesoamerica
·  India, China, and the Mediterranean
·  the Abbasid Dynasty
·  the Aztec and Inca civilizations
·  the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires
·  the Crusades
·  the Ming Dynasty
·  the Mughal Empire
·  the Industrial Revolution
·  World Wars I and II
·  globalization and more

Use the color-coded scale on the sides of the box to help measure your progress by keeping track of how many cards you’ve studied so far, which terms you’ve mastered, and which you still need to review.

Studying for the AP World History Exam doesn’t have to be painful—the Princeton Review’s Essential AP World History flashcards will make it a breeze!

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