Author: Jan B King
Publisher: EWomenPublishingNetwork, Inc.
Keywords: non, fiction, book, promoting, publishing, women, publish, creating, smart
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 2005-09-01
List price: $15.95
ISBN-10: 1598520016
ISBN-13: 9781598520019

Smart Women Publish! is the first book to give the author or aspiring author an insider’s view of non-fiction book publishing. In Smart Women Publish!, Jan B. King, author and Editorial Director of eWomenPublishingNetwork guides you to make the right decisions about publishing for you and your book or other products. Just some of what you’ll find in this book: . How to plan for book publishing success . The changing role of the publisher . The return on investment of a book . How book promotion works . Analyzing self-publishing and whether it is right for you . Exerc

Authors:Bradley S. Bowden, Joan M. Bowden,
Publisher: Morton Pub Co
Keywords: muscles, skeletal, atlas, illustrated
Published: 2002-03
List price: $29.95
ISBN-10: 089582616X
ISBN-13: 9780895826169

Authors:Rainer Klinke, Hans-Christian Pape, Armin Kurtz, Stef
Publisher: Thieme, Stuttgart
Keywords: lehrbuch, physiologie
Number of Pages: 944
Published: 2009-11-18
List price: $79.95
ISBN-10: 3137960061
ISBN-13: 9783137960065

Erscheinungsjahr: 20106., überarb. Aufl.m. über 825 farb. Abb. u. 68 Tab.Gewicht: 2073 gr / Abmessungen: 275 mm x 205 mm x 42 mmHrsg. v. Klinke, Rainer; Pape, Hans-Christian ; Kurtz, Armin ; Silbernagl, Stefan / Mit Illustr. v. Gay, Rüdiger; Rothenburger, AstriedDas Verständnis der Physiologie bildet die Grundlage zum Verständnis der Pathophysiologie und damit der klinischen Medizin. Sie ist neben der Anatomie das wichtigste Fach in der Vorklinik. Der ständige Begleiter durch das gesamte StudiumVerstehen - Lernen - Nachschlagen-Physiologie fundiert erlernen-Bestens gerüstet für die Pr

Author: Bernard C. Nalty
Publisher: Dept. Of The Air Force
Keywords: southern, laos, interdiction, aerial, trucks, cloth, war
Number of Pages: 379
Published: 2006-01-12
List price: $40.00
ISBN-10: 0160724945
ISBN-13: 9780160724947

The Ho Chi Minh Trail, a maze of roads, trails, and waterways in eastern Laos, provided the conduit for supplies and replacements from North Vietnam to its forces fighting in South Vietnam. The supplies and people were infiltrated through passes in the mountains separating Laos and North Vietnam onto the Trail, which led into South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia. Transportation on the Trail grew from porters and bicycles to a fleet of trucks. Infiltration began early in the war, and the United States began to interdict these supplies and people from the air to assist the South Vietnamese, u

Author: Usha Goswami
Publisher: Psychology Press
Keywords: developmental, psychology, essays, children, reasoning, analogical
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 1993-08-03
List price: $60.00
ISBN-10: 0863773249
ISBN-13: 9780863773242

Analogical reasoning is a fundamental cognitive skill, involved in classification, learning, problem-solving and creative thinking, and should be a basic building block of cognitive development. However, for a long time researchers have believed that children are incapable of reasoning by analogy. This book argues that this is far from the case, and that analogical reasoning may be available very early in development. Recent research has shown that even 3-year-olds can solve analogies, and that infants can reason about relational similarity, which is the hallmark of analogy.The book traces the

Authors:博恩·崔西 (Brian Tracy), 博恩·崔西 (Brian Tracy), 张春萍,
Publisher: 华艺出版社
Keywords: 涡轮战略
Number of Pages: 217
List price: $20.00
ISBN-10: 7801426134
ISBN-13: 9787801426130


Author: C.L. Brantley
Publisher: Princeton Review Publishing
Keywords: straight, vocabulary, junior, smart, review, word, princeton
Number of Pages: 241
Published: 1998
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0590020129
ISBN-13: 9780590020121
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