Author: 宮崎 正弘
Publisher: 海竜社
Keywords: 中国共産党3年以内に崩壊する
Number of Pages: 220
Published: 2013-12-11
List price: $10.50
ISBN-10: 4759313494
ISBN-13: 9784759313499

Authors:James F. Christie, Billie Jean Enz, Carol Vukelich,
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Keywords: elementary, grades, preschool, literacy, language, teaching
Number of Pages: 432
Published: 2010-04-19
List price: $115.40
ISBN-10: 0137057628
ISBN-13: 9780137057627

The unique focus of this text integrates a constructivist/emergent literacy perspective with “science-based” instructional practices that have proved successful in supporting children’s reading, writing, and speaking development. Teaching Language and Literacy: Preschool Through the Elementary Grades begins with a brief overview of the recent key national policies and initiatives that have had a significant impact on the teaching of reading and writing at the preschool level. Renowned and respected authors, Christie, Enz, and Vukelich, describe a continuum of approaches to reading instru

Author: Jen Calonita
Publisher: AdA
Keywords: livre, les, hollywood, vie, secrets
Number of Pages: 346
Published: 2010-12-09
List price: $3.00
ISBN-10: 2896670904
ISBN-13: 9782896670901

Author: Christian Wenz
Publisher: Galileo Press
Keywords: json, ajax, xml, und, jquery, css, dom, umfassende, das, training, mit, workshops, javascript
Published: 2011-03
List price: $39.90
ISBN-10: 3836217481
ISBN-13: 9783836217484

Author: 宮本 常一
Publisher: 講談社
Keywords: 講談社学術文庫, 民俗学の旅
Number of Pages: 248
Published: 1993-12-06
List price: $9.24
ISBN-10: 4061591045
ISBN-13: 9784061591042

Authors:アストリッド リンドグレーン, エーヴァ・ラウレル, Astrid Lindgren, 尾崎 義,
Publisher: 岩波書店
Keywords: 岩波少年文庫, カッレくんの冒険
Number of Pages: 316
Published: 2007-02-16
List price: $7.56
ISBN-10: 4001141221
ISBN-13: 9784001141221

Authors:R.A.福克斯 (R.A.Foakes), R.A.福克斯 (R.A.Foakes),
Publisher: 中国人民大学出版社
Keywords: 英文版, 李尔王
Number of Pages: 438
Published: 2008-01-01
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 7300088244
ISBN-13: 9787300088242

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