Authors:D B. Quayle, G. F. Newkirk, Paul A. Sandifer,
Publisher: World Aquaculture Society
Keywords: advances, world, aquaculture, ser, development, study, bivalve, mollusks, methods, farming
Number of Pages: 294
Published: 1989-12
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 0962452904
ISBN-13: 9780962452901

Authors:Roger D. Feldman, Mark V. Pauly,
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Keywords: processes, public, interest, market, government, health, care, american
Number of Pages: 382
Published: 2000-04-18
List price: $39.95
ISBN-10: 1560004304
ISBN-13: 9781560004301

President Clinton’s health-care reform proposals of 1993 represented the most far-reaching social engineering attempted in the United States since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. The Clinton plan would have herded almost all Americans under age sixty-five into large, government-sponsored health insurance purchasing alliances that would have offered standard benefits at regulated prices. Despite the recent resurgence in proposals for such shunned policies, the critical literature has failed to offer a cogent analysis of why government control of health care does not work.

Authors:Melissa Henry, Vera Nova, M. Burroughs,
Publisher: Walnut Grove Press
Keywords: dimension, volume, tales, fairy, society, adult, noble
Published: 2002-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 9720321180
ISBN-13: 9789720321183

Author: 原田 信男
Publisher: 平凡社
Keywords: 平凡社ライブラリー, 歴史のなかの米と肉―食物と天皇・差別
Number of Pages: 381
Published: 2005-06
List price: $15.75
ISBN-10: 4582765416
ISBN-13: 9784582765410

Author: Andrew Gurr
Publisher: John Blake
Keywords: executive, fallkland, islands, chief, adventures, piece, england, little
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2001-05-01
List price: $29.99
ISBN-10: 1903402379
ISBN-13: 9781903402375

In 1994, Andrew Gurr was perusing the employment pages of the Sunday Times when an advertisement caught his eye: "Wanted: Chief Executive of the Falkland Islands Government." Intrigued, he decided to follow it up. Nobody was more surprised than Andrew when, a few months later, he was offered the position. What followed was 5 remarkable years on a remarkable island, doing the most curious job that can be imagined.

Author: Nicholas Giordano
Publisher: Brooks Cole
Keywords: available, cengage, youbook, textbooks, relationships, physics, reasoning, college
Number of Pages: 1111
Published: 2012-01-01
List price: $214.95
ISBN-10: 0840058195
ISBN-13: 9780840058195

Master the fundamental concepts of physics with COLLEGE PHYSICS: REASONING AND RELATIONSHIPS. The theme of Reasoning and Relationships is reinforced throughout the book, helping you master these concepts, apply them to solve a variety of problems, and appreciate the relevance of physics to your career and your everyday life. By understanding the reasoning behind problem solving, you learn to recognize the concepts involved, think critically about them, and move beyond merely memorizing facts and equations.

Author: 斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(F.Scott Fitzgerald)斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(F.Scott Fi
Publisher: 文化艺术出版社
Keywords: 本杰明的奇幻旅程
Number of Pages: 221
Published: 2010-01-01
List price: $28.00
ISBN-10: 7503940751
ISBN-13: 9787503940750

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